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The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Fresh Chicken Online in Gurgaon

By Sakshi Budhraja
The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Fresh Chicken Online in Gurgaon

Nothing is more convenient for us non-vegetarians in Gurgaon than receiving fresh, tender chicken right to our doorsteps, without the hassle of visiting multiple butcher shops. However, when we think of something as important as fresh chicken, there are a few concerns that constantly revolve around our minds. Can we trust the quality we’ll get online? How can we know the chicken will be truly fresh? Are online suppliers reliable? Can we get premium quality at affordable prices? And much more! Well, to make sure you don’t deal with these concerns, we have brought to you The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Fresh Chicken Online in Gurgaon

This guide by Wholesale Mart will help you with all the authentic information necessary to confidently order fresh chicken online in Gurgaon. 

Benefits of Ordering Fresh Chicken Online

Ordering Fresh Chicken Online has numerous proven benefits. However, one benefit that stands out is that you can browse through a broad selection of cuts and orders from the comfort of your home with only a few clicks. Furthermore, online meat vendors often source their chicken from reputable and reliable sources to guarantee premium quality and freshness. They prioritize both quality and quantity at equal levels to ensure every piece of chicken surpasses the highest standards.

Have a look at the other benefits of Ordering Fresh Chicken Online:

  1. Convenient Doorstep Delivery
  2. Wider Selection of Cuts
  3. Premium Quality & Freshness
  4. Time-Saving Convenience
  5. Competitive Prices & Discounts

And a lot more!

Factors to Consider Before Ordering Chicken Online

Before you order chicken online, it is essential to be aware of a few key factors that can have a big impact on your experience and satisfaction. Have a look at the crucial factors to consider before Ordering Fresh Chicken Online in Gurgaon:

Trusted Suppliers and Resources

While ordering chicken online, it is important to choose suppliers with a solid reputation for delivering fresh and finest quality chicken. Look for vendors that prioritize sourcing supplies from reliable farms that maintain ethical and environmental-friendly standards. By choosing reliable suppliers, you can order fresh chicken online with confidence in the quality and safety of the chicken. 

Packaging and Shipping Considerations

The quality and freshness upon arrival of the chicken you ordered online can be greatly impacted by how it is packaged and shipped. Look for vendors that offer ideal packaging material including insulated containers with ice packs or dry ice to maintain the chicken’s freshness and hygiene during shipping. This ensures the chicken’s quality and flavor are preserved and remain at the right temperature until it reaches your doorstep. Moreover, check their shipping methods and estimated delivery times to ensure your order arrives at your place on time and in pristine condition.  

Product Variety and Specialties

While ordering fresh chicken online from online suppliers, it is important to look into the variety of chicken cuts and specialties they offer. This kind of variety and customization is often challenging to find in typical butcher stores. In addition to standard cuts, some suppliers may offer specialty products that can add variety to your meals, such as marination, heat & eat chicken, pre-seasoned cuts, and more. Therefore, it is always best to choose vendors who offer a diverse variety and specialties. 

Best Place to Order Fresh Chicken Online in Gurgaon

Gurgaon houses multiple online chicken suppliers. However, when we talk about the Best Place to Order Fresh Chicken Online in Gurgaon, one prominent name that instantly pops into our minds is The Wholesale Mart (TWM). It is India’s first online wholesale meat brand that is far-and-wide known to offer premium quality Fresh Chicken, Fresh Mutton, Cold Cuts, Fish & Seafood, Tikkas, Kebabs, Snacks, Main Course, and more at the best prices. Additionally, they offer specialized items such as Marinated Meats, High Protein, Veg Delights, Plant-Based Protein, Gourmet Snacks, and much more.  Be it fresh cuts, cooked chicken, or something to binge snack, TWM check marks all the boxes.

The chicken supplied by TWM undergoes several tests and inspections before it is delivered to you. They pay close attention to every crucial parameter including cleanliness, cooking techniques, preparation & packaging methods, hygiene, and everything in between. If we talk about one USP of The Wholesale Mart, it would be their practice of not freezing raw meats. Their procedures and daily stock clearance ensure fresh stock is delivered to the customers on the same day. If customers are unsatisfied with their products for any reason, they offer hassle-free replacement or refund options, without any inquiries.

Quality of Meat Offered at The Wholesale Mart

At The Wholesale Mart Gurgaon, quality is the primary concern at every stage of the process, from the farms and ranches they source meat from to the rigorous handling and storage processes they follow. As the Best Fresh Chicken Online Supplier in Gurgaon, TWM follows a strict cold chain process in their state-of-the-art facility, where the temperatures are precisely monitored to preserve the authentic flavors, textures, juiciness, and functional properties of meat. Their general quality measures revolve around the following:

  1. Color
  2. Texture & Flavor
  3. Juiciness
  4. Shelf Life
  5. Nutritive Value
  6. Grading & Certification
  7. Storage Temperature
  8. Logistics Temperature Control 

And More!


With a large variety of cuts, ease of doorstep delivery, affordable pricing, and a strong commitment to quality and freshness, TWM guarantees that every chunk of chicken delivered surpasses stringent standards. Order fresh chicken online today and enjoy the premium quality and convenience offered by the Best Fresh Chicken Online Supplier in Gurgaon, The Wholesale Mart.